Meet The Ensemble

Photo credit:  Cherie Renae Studios

Photo credit: Cherie Renae Studios

The Ensemble of Oregon is Oregon’s premiere professional vocal & instrumental chamber ensemble and is dedicated to strengthening the cultural life of its community through innovative musical experiences. 

The Ensemble brings together many of the most active and accomplished members of Portland’s musical landscape. With each member bringing a wealth of knowledge and musical quality, The Ensemble maintains a high level of musicianship and energy. The performers within The Ensemble are each exceptional artists in their own right, working together to create a rich texture and depth in each piece performed. 

The Ensemble’s concerts educate through the exploration of different eras and styles and seek to bring neglected forms of music to light.  Concerts are designed to be educational and artistic, allowing The Ensemble opportunities to partner with other area arts organizations. The collaboration of musicians from multiple groups allows various musical circles within Portland to merge, broadening the musical landscape within the city.